Latest Updates on Curing Autism

Posted by Jacky December 10, 2012

autismThough much still needs to be done in research for a cure for autism, new medications are being trialed to lessen aggression, sensory overload and other behavioral abnormalities associated with autism. Couple of medical practices currently being used for autistic patients for behavioral correction has been anti-psychotics and intense therapy. Though these treatments work, it doesn’t address social or communication skills causing difficulty for autistic patients to interact and form deep relationships with others.

Seaside Therapeutics in Massachusetts is one of the many companies who believe the behavioral part of autism is the brain’s unbalance of signals and synapses to the brain.They also believe that instead of the use of anti-psychotics to numb these signals, medication should balance and inhibit certain signals to the brain, lessening behavioral abnormalities and keeping patients socially functional. Currently trials are being done for their drug arbaclofen. Seaside believes that it may be able to genuinely help autistic patients correct behavior. If these trials show enough benefits to satisfy U.S regulators,arbaclofen and other similar medications could be on the market by next year.